Flying Instructors

The main characteristic of our instructors, in addition to their preparation and professionalism, is that they are naturally adept at transmitting their love of flying with great enthusiasm to both students and experienced pilots alike.

The Aero Club Como goal is to give students not only the best training, but also a solid orientation in aeronautical culture.

Our staff is made up of professional pilots (instructors and examiners) with many thousands of flight hours accumulated in scheduled aviation, with leading airlines, in firefighting and in the world of seaplanes and amphibians of general aviation.

The staff is coordinated by Renato Carnabuci (Head of Training) who began his brilliant career as an airline pilot, starting with a PPL licence obtained in Aero Club Como.

The team includes: Franco Cereda (Chief Flight Instructor – CRI/FI/CRE), Marco Devitis (CRI/FI/CRE), Carlo Novati (CRI/FI/CRE), Luca Arienti (FI), Paolo Cavenago (FI), Gabriele Ermecini (FI), Matteo Francone (FI), Piermario Lovisolo (FI)

Renato Carnabuci – Head of Training Aero Club Como – CRI/FI/CRE

Francesco Cereda – Chief Flight Instructor – CRI/FI/CRE

Marco De Vitis – Instructor and Examiner – CRI/FI/CRE

Carlo Novati – Instructor and Examiner – CRI/ FI/CRE

Luca Arienti – Instructor – FI

Paolo Cavenago – Instructor – FI

Gabriele Ermecini –  Instructor – FI

Matteo Francone – Instructor – FI

Piermario Lovisolo – Instructor – FI