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Seaplanes and the environment"

There is a myth that must be dispelled: that flying always has a negative impact on the environment, fauna and landscape. The Como seaplane base is unique and the airport situation is always managed with great respect for the environment, evidenced by the variety of aquatic birds in the area.

The density of birds present suggests that there is a real affinity between different natural species and their “mechanical” cousins, which plow the water and fly around the seaplane base. The fact that the propellors of the seaplanes are not submerged in the water and do not release anything into the water makes the machines somewhat appreciated by waterfowl, which are found on the water, and which use buoys or nest under the piers. Buzzards, cormorants, swans, ducks, geese, seagulls, to name just a few species, fearlessly approach seaplanes at the jetty or while floating.

As a demonstration of the seaplane-nature symbiosis, the Aero Club Como and the LIPU (Italian Bird Protection League) have prepared the Birdwatching brochure at the Como seaplane base for the recognition of the fauna present.

The Aero Club Como, every year, leads many people and many children to explore the environment of the pre-alpine lakes, flying over a territory that is unique in Italy for its richness and morphological variety, but also for urbanization; there is nothing like an airplane in order to appreciate an environment in all its guises.

Seaplanes and the environment - Aeroclub Como