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Private Pilot License (PPL) Introductory Course

The objective of the Private Pilot License (PPL) Introductory Course is to provide an understanding and practical first hand experience of what is required to obtain the PPL License.

The cost of the Introductory Course is € 1,000 and includes 3 hours of dual-command flight, divided into 6 flights of about 30 minutes. There is a dedicated (reduced) membership fee of €200 which includes the “The Private Pilot” textbook, a theory manual

Upon completion of the course, (not included in the above rate), the student will have the opportunity to take an optional flight of approximately thirty minutes as an introduction to navigation.

Finally, if the aspiring pilot decides to continue on the path to obtain the PPL License, the 3 hours of flight will be recognised as part of the overall training, and the membership paid will go against the full membership fee.  

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PPL Introductory Course - Aeroclub Como