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It is possible to start at any age, but the first solo cannot be completed before 16 years of age, and the PPL cannot be obtained before 17 years of age. We do not recommend starting training before the age of 15 years.

Come and visit us and our instructors and pilots will introduce you to the magical world of flying over water. Anyone aged 15 and over can learn to fly an airplane. Pilots of all ages and nations, whether they have signed up for fun, or have the goal of being a professional pilot, frequent the club.

Only 2 basic requirements to become a licensed pilot: be 17 years old and be in good health. Obviously, for minors, the written consent of parents is required. The exam can be taken only once the age of seventeen has been reached.

An aeromedical assessment and therefore aeromedical fitness is ascertained by an authorized doctor before the start of the courses. There are then subsequently period checks with frequency required depending on age. Glasses and contact lenses are perfectly acceptable.

The theory course lasts 3 months or so, with a frequency of 2 times a week, typically from 19:30 to 21:30 at our office. The courses, held by certified instructors, are held in the classroom with the aid of texts, audio-visuals and manuals.

There is no specific duration for the practical course, but the minimum activity to access the exam is 45 flight hours, of which at least 35 are Dual Command (with the instructor) and 10 Solo Pilot. You can also start flying before the theory course has started, as each flight is preceded and followed by extensive briefings.

Flight training is carried out on aircraft equipped with dual controls, with certified instructors (link to instructors section), with long flight and teaching experience. All our instructors are periodically checked by the Aeronautical Authorities to ensure that the training given is compliant with standards and as safe and effective as possible.

The minimum attendance level required is 75% of the scheduled lesson hours, but complete attendance is more than strongly recommended. Before registering for the theory exam, the candidate undergoes an internal pre-exam.

You must take a theoretical and a practical exam.

The first is a multiple choice exam (similar to that of the car license), with questions on the subjects of the subjects studied.

The second is a flight with a certified examiner who verifies both the ability to fly the aircraft, safely performing all the learned manoeuvres, and the mastery of navigation.

With the PPL license obtained at Aero Club Como, all single-engine piston aircraft can be piloted (SEP – Single Engine Piston) and twin engines not exceeding 5,700 kg. 

Just fly and fly again! Flight licenses lose their validity only if you do not fly a minimum number of hours each year. For the PPL license it is 12 hours, which may increase depending on the qualifications held (instrumental flight, multi-engine flight, etc. In addition, it is necessary to periodically undergo a medical examination to renew psychophysical fitness, with frequency of checks required depending on your age.

The Aero Club Como assists members with all the necessary procedures.

No, if you do not go beyond national borders, the Italian language is sufficient; however, our Flight School organizes courses for obtaining the radiotelephony qualification in English and offers an examiner for the TEA certification. 

No. Perhaps the most important qualities are personal motivation, enthusiasm and passion for flying.

There are several Flight Schools, but those who live in the Como-Milan-Ticino area or those who may reside in Como are offered the rare and exclusive opportunity to learn to fly on seaplanes and amphibians, obtaining a complete and rounded skillset. Moreover, it is one of the most beautiful places in the world: from blue water to blue sky.

All seasons have their own characteristics. In Como you can fly all year round and, thanks to the absence of fog, the flying is also great in winter.

Come and visit us and set up a “Test Flight”. Before the practical experience you will do a theoretical briefing, aimed at making the teaching experience even more complete. Then, sitting in the pilot’s seat, with an instructor on your right, you can try the main flight manoeuvres in total safety.

Once back on the ground, you will be eager to fly again and again.

NO! As a member of the Aero Club Como you can rent one of our aircraft simply by paying the appropriate hourly cost, avoiding all the hassles of owning a plane. The Aero Club Como has aircraft capable of satisfying the needs of members in terms of numbers, characteristics and costs. Belonging to Aero Club Como means always having an extensive and efficient fleet available.

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