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October 2020, the new PPL Academic Year begins

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A 100-hour theory course, in a unique school; the oldest and most prestigious seaplane flying school in the world.


“I started flying shortly after I turned forty. Enrolling in the PPL course was the best thing I could have done: learning to fly over Lake Como, Laglio, Argegno, Isola Comacina, Tremezzo, Bellagio, Torno, Varenna … getting closer to seaplane flight; learning to land, to follow and understand the wind. All this on planes with historic significance that are legendary in the cinema, with instructors and a team who take you step by step, leaving you with a renewed  sense of spirit and energy every time you leave the hangar. Each mission, each flight is different and this is the magic that wins over students of the Flight School.

The best thing is the sense of belonging and community that is created between the class, the instructors and those who have already been members for many years. Friendships are built in an atmosphere that is welcoming and feels like family.” Francesca Zardini, student of the Academic Year 2019/2020

“The PPL-A course carried out on the seaplane represents something unique for the student pilot. In fact, Aero Club Como is the only training facility internationally that trains a pilot as a seaplane pilot from the start of training. The piloting technique acquired will be more refined but not only that; the pilot develops an excellent ability to evaluate and make decisions in  changing environments with water operations (lake, river and sea) and of flight in mountainous areas. Aero Club Como welcomes pilots from all over the world every day to fly with one of the most complete and varied fleets of floatplanes and mid-hulls that exists. Each flight instructor deeply loves this form of flight. Each of us gives our best, leading our students by the hand to their much desired goal.

I look at future pilots and see myself, full of expectations and hopes, when I timidly enrolled in the PPL-A course at the Aero Club Como, without knowing that it would become just the beginning of my sky. ” Carlo Novati, Instructor

October 2020, the new PPL Academic Year begins - Aeroclub Como