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Maintenance services

The CAMO Certified Workshop of the Aero Club Como, inside our hangar, is made up of 4 certified and competent mechanics, who thanks to their passion always keep all airplanes, seaplanes, amphibians and historic aircraft in “perfect shape” at the Club.

Our certified technicians, led by Danilo Pecora, take care of everything related to maintenance, cleaning, and refuelling of the airplanes. From daily checks to scheduled maintenance, every intervention that is carried out on the airplanes of our fleet passes through this competent team.

Each mechanic can only carry out the operations required for his level of certification and in any case no one, who is not certified, can work on one of our aircraft.

In addition to all the maintenance required for a “land” aircraft, everything related to floats has to be taken care of and considered when it comes to seaplanes and amphibians.

The management of the workshop also includes a great deal of cataloguing and documentation. Each aircraft, accessory, system or installation is accompanied by a maintenance manual or instructions, which must be kept updated and available. In addition, certificates must be kept for each piece or component and each process performed is subject to special records.

Our team, dealing almost exclusively with the airplanes in our fleet, can devote the utmost care and attention to each intervention, thus ensuring that safety always remains at the highest level. We are also able to make our expertise and advice available to those interested in purchasing a seaplane.

For more information, come and visit us or contact us by writing to or by filling out the following form;4

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Maintenance services - Aeroclub Como