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Flying Instructors

The main characteristic of our instructors, in addition to their preparation and professionalism, is that they are naturally adept at transmitting their love of flying with great enthusiasm to both students and experienced pilots alike.

The Aero Club Como goal is to give students not only the best training, but also a solid orientation in aeronautical culture.

Our staff is made up of professional pilots (instructors and examiners) with many thousands of flight hours accumulated in scheduled aviation, with leading airlines, in firefighting and in the world of seaplanes and amphibians of general aviation.

The staff is coordinated by Renato Carnabuci (Head of Training) who began his brilliant career as an airline pilot, starting with a PPL licence obtained in Aero Club Como.

The team includes: Franco Cereda (Chief Flight Instructor – CRI/FI/CRE), Marco Devitis (CRI/FI/CRE), Carlo Novati (CRI/FI/CRE), Luca Arienti (FI), Paolo Cavenago (FI), Gabriele Ermecini (FI), Matteo Francone (FI), Piermario Lovisolo (FI)

Renato Carnabuci – Head of Training Aero Club Como – CRI/FI/CRE

Renato took his first steps in the world of aviation at the age of 17, completing the PPL at the Aero Club Como. Following that he became a commercial pilot, a flight instructor and then an airline pilot working in Gandalf Airlines, Montenegro Airlines, and since 2002 he is with Alitalia flying an Airbus 320. Flight experience: 13,000 hours

Francesco Cereda – Chief Flight Instructor – CRI/FI/CRE

Francesco started flying at the Aero Club Como in 1980, and subsequently held the positions of Head of training and chief instructor and has an instrument and multi-engine flight qualification as well as having the Sea and Land single-engine qualifications. Flight experience: 15,700 hours

Marco De Vitis – Instructor and Examiner – CRI/FI/CRE

Marco began flying at Aero Club Como in 1987 where he obtained a PPL in 1988. In 1997 he obtained a commercial pilot license, and in 2002 that of airline pilot. In 2003 he obtained the qualification as an instructor and began flying as an instructor at the Aero Club Como. Since 2004 he has been flying as a firefighter pilot on the Canadair CL415 of the Civil Protection and is now also a firefighting pilot. Flight experience: 7,000 hours

Carlo Novati – Instructor and Examiner – CRI/ FI/CRE

Carlo obtained the PPL license at Aero Club Como. He currently pilots at Alitalia Cityliner on an Embraer 190 Flight experience: 12,000 hours

Luca Arienti – Instructor – FI

Luca holds a PPL at the Aero Club Como, becoming an instructor in 2011. He spent more than two years in the Maldives as First Officer on the DHC-6, then obtained the license on the Saab 2000 aircraft, subsequently working with a Swiss Airline based at Lugano Airport. In 2018 he joined a major Cargo company, where he holds the role of First Officer on the Boeing 747. Flight experience: 5,000 hours

Paolo Cavenago – Instructor – FI

Paolo obtained his private pilot licence at the Como flight school in 2009 on a seaplane. He has been working at TOPJET executive since April 2019 on a BE400 and has been an instructor since 2017. Flight experience: 2,000 hours

Gabriele Ermecini – Instructor – FI CRI IRI Instructor and Examiner and Senior CRE

Gabriele obtained his PPL certification at the age of 17 in 1989 and since 2001 he has been a Seaplane Instructor. In 2007 he participated in the foundation of the Italian seaplane company Navigando Air as Crew Training Post holder and deputy Flight Operation Post holder. In 2014 he started Cpt FI activities on The Bosphorus, Turkey. In 2017 he worked as a pilot on DHC6 Anfibio at ECA (European Coastal Airlines), Croatia. From 2019 he was FI at CAE Oxford. He is FI CRI IRI and Senior CRE on C208, SEP Land / Sea. Flight experience: 11,000 hours (9,000 on seaplanes )

Matteo Francone – Instructor – FI

Matteo obtained his PPL license in 2014 at Aero Club Como, and has been an instructor since 2017. He has flown CL 415 Canadair firefighting aircraft and currently flies a Boeing 737 at Ryanair. Flight experience: 2,500 hours

Piermario Lovisolo – Instructor – FI

Piermario began working as a professional pilot in January 1998 in general aviation, and since September 2002 he has been with Alitalia where he is first officer on an Airbus A320. In addition, he has 11 type ratings. He has been flying seaplanes since 2006, instructing since 2012. Flight experience: 14,500 hours

Flying Instructors - Aeroclub Como