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Hydrovolants for advertising, video and films

A seaplane operates in any natural or urban place where there is a usable surface of a few hundred meters of water: in seaside, lake, river, reservoir or in the centre of a large historic city.

Any basin of water that has the required minimum dimensions can become a perfect film set, be it sea, lake, river, in nature or in the heart of a city.

The Aero Club Como has the largest and most varied fleet of seaplanes on the European continent and operates in a unique environment from a landscape point of view. But obviously seaplanes, starting from Como, can operate in all European waters, in the Mediterranean and beyond.

The fleet includes all types of modern seaplanes and some vintage seaplanes, from the 30s, 40s and 50s. Seaplanes are available, along  with our expert pilots, for production companies that want to include a seaplane in their images or for advertising.

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Hydrovolants for advertising, video and films - Aeroclub Como