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Flying in safety in Como

In addition to the guarantee of precise and cutting-edge maintenance, certified and checked planes and pilots and instructors with thousands of hours of experience, a concept that we like to highlight with regards to your introduction to flight is that a seaplane is one of the safest aircrafts flying.

In case of engine failure on water it can glide, make a normal landing and remain on the surface indefinitely without any problem. In the event of an engine failure over ground, it can land in a meadow without problems for people and almost no damage to the aircraft itself.

In the event of an impact with the ground or water, the seaplane offers much greater protection than that offered by a normal land plane.

Even if the chances of an emergency occurring are remote, the passenger who boards a seaplane must have some information and know the essential safety procedures, such as unfastening the seat belts, opening the doors, and exiting the plane.

In short, you will always fly with us at very high levels of safety. The Aero Club Como also organizes special training for those who are “afraid” of flying, explaining how safe it is and allowing the experience of flying with a vehicle that has the rare characteristic of being able to return to the surface at any time in a few seconds.

Flying in safety in Como - Aeroclub Como