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Flying from blue water to blue sky

“A fantastic experience”

This, in short, is the first impression of those who have been able for the first time in their life to take a seaplane and fly in one of the most beautiful areas in the world, becoming familiar with the controls and flight instruments of an airplane.

Learning to fly over water combines the 3 elements of the world: air, water and earth. Learning to fly on water and reaching the sky that is reflected in it is a unique experience.

Even the most experienced pilots are of the opinion that a seaplane piloting course is the most complete and educational course in comparison to other courses on land airplanes.

Take-off, landing and the flight itself will take place in an area that guarantees on the one hand maximum safety, as the seaplane, flying over the lake, in an emergency, can always land anywhere, on the other hand it completes the training of the pilot as the seaplane student finds him or herself operating not in a single natural element – air – but in two, air and water. A seaplane piloting course is therefore also a course in seafaring culture and technique.

Two universes, that of aviation and that of the sea, with their techniques, their traditions and their infinite stories, find their point of mutual contact with the seaplane pilot and in very few other professional figures.

Those who are already “land” pilots can enrich their experience with a new and different way of flying, but above all they can enjoy the fantastic freedom of flying on water: no waiting, no timetables, very few or no taxes, no formalities to fill in and finally … thousands of kilometres of shores to land.

You just have to come and visit us at our Aero Club Como.

Flying from water to sky - Aeroclub Como