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The minimum required is 8 hours of training flight with the instructor and 1 hour of examination. In 5 days, weather permitting, the training ends.

You don’t have to wait for the flight examiner to take the seaplane rating exam, as the Flight School has 3 examiners (CRE – Class Rating Examiner).

Of course, even if the license is inactive (for less than 5 years) and the license for the land airplane (Sep / Land) has expired, you can obtain the seaplane license and at the same time renew the land license; all at the Aero Club Como flight school.

Just like the terrestrial one, it expires every 2 years. If in the 12 months preceding the deadline the minimum activity was carried out, one hour of double command flight with an instructor is enough to renew it. If it has expired, a training flight with the instructor and a flight with the examiner are sufficient for the renewal. At Aero Club Como everything is done in one day.

Yes, Aero Club Como is one of the very few places in the world where it is possible to rent a seaplane or an amphibian Obviously, a minimum training activity must be respected, which for newly qualified pilots is at least one flight per month. Alternatively you can take a flight with the instructor before being allowed to fly alone.

The final authorization for solo flight is in any case given exclusively by an instructor.

Wherever take-offs and landings and operations provided for in the training manual can be carried out, it is permissible to operate. Often during the training we stop for lunch or for a coffee on the beaches and piers of the Lakes of Como and Lombardy. In addition to being rewarding and fun, this is also a very instructive experience.

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