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Aero Club for the local community

The commitment of the Club, a non-profit organization, and its benefit to the local community can be seen on many fronts.

There are many relationships with important third sector companies, engaged in the non-profit and social sectors. Often, during the Christmas period, children suffering from illnesses or disabilities are brought for flights.

Seaplanes are used by journalists and troupes from all over the world, who provide reports, images and videos to their countries, giving an incredible visibility and profile to Como and its lake.

The Aero Club Como is an integral part of the voluntary system for Civil Protection (Civil Protection No. 2576 of the Regional Register) and dedicates resources and attention to the area on a daily basis.

The Aero Club Como constantly monitors relevant phenomena which, if necessary, reports to the competent authorities.

Some key services that Aero Club Como has carried out in the past and continues to carry out:

  • Reporting and monitoring of forest fires and hydrogeological instability
  • Aerial search for missing people and vehicles
  • Reporting and monitoring of water pollution
  • Use of responders and vehicles in floods, fires and earthquakes
  • Fire service in 2nd category ICAO
  • Aerial search and surveillance and nautical rescue
  • Interventions in floods
Aero Club for the local community - Aeroclub Como