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About Us

The Aero Club Como, founded in 1930, is the oldest seaplane flight operation in the world.

It is the most established and important flying school for seaplane pilots on the continent, both for those starting from scratch and for those who are already pilots and want to complete their training and obtain the licence to fly seaplanes. It is possible to obtain a licence (PPL) for Sea, SEP SEA, and for land, SEP LAND. It is also possible to obtain a qualification for advanced seaplane flying.

The Aero Club Como fleet includes 13 seaplanes and is the only fleet that includes all types: floats and hulls, pure hydro and amphibians. The amphibians can also operate at airports, as with any normal aircraft.

The historic seaplanes are of particular interest, all in perfect flying condition, and offer pilots the exclusive possibility and pleasure of flying aircraft designed and built in the 1940s.

The Aero Club Como also manages the Como International Seaplane Base, a documentation centre offering consultancy to organizations and operators from various countries to support with the construction of seaplanes and the installation of seaplane activities.

The club environment is particularly stimulating. In the centre of the city of Como and one of the most beautiful areas in the world, it is visited every day by pilots from all European countries and other continents, giving a cosmopolitan touch to the life of those who frequent it and the opportunity to speak multiple languages.

The pilots of the Club, along with their guests, use seaplanes for local flights, for trips in the lake area and for trips to destinations throughout Europe and the Mediterranean.

The hangar and infrastructure are an ideal location for organizing events and a fascinating, one-of-a-kind set for making videos, films and advertising.

About Us - Aeroclub Como