Aero Club Como
Associazione sportiva dilettantistica
federata all'Aero Club d'Italia e al CONI
Via Masia 44
20100 Como ITALY
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The city of Como seen from a seaplane just before landing at Como seaplane base.

The joy of flying a seaplane


"A fantastic experience", the opinion of those who have been able to, for the first time in their life, get familiarised with the commands and instruments of flying an aircraft, completing simple manoeuvres under the watchful eye of an instructor, while at the same time admiring the wonderful surroundings of water and mountains.
You can try the experience yourself, signining up to the Aero Club Como and beginning flight training on a more regular basis, eventually achieving a private pilot license.



Secretary Office :

+ 39 031 574495




The wonderful environment of flight

The pilots that fly in Como, when not using the aircraft for long-range expeditions, fly around one of the most beautiful and scenic parts of the Alps and of the world. Observing, from altitude, the area in which you live or are visiting is an enriching and informative experience.


                      Trips in the Lake Region

                                                        Da Como al Centro Lago

                                                        Lario Val d'Intelvi, Ceresio

                                                        Un giro sui due laghi

                                                        Lario, Ceresio Maggiore

                                                        L'Alto Lario

                                                        Il Triangolo Lariano

                                                        L'alta montagna lariana


                      Themed flights

                                                        Dal cielo alla tavola

                                                        Terra di antiche sete

                                                        Il medio corso dell'Adda

                                                        Architetture razionaliste

                                                        Luoghi di fede


Watch this video of a flight over Lake Como

BlulightGallery, with the initiative 'Art unites the people of the earth' created this video with the filming of the lake from altitude, accompanied by a pleasant piece of musi.



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