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Barnstormers of the Seas


An airplane that descended from the sky and takes you on a trip : a dream that unexpectedly comes true thanks to the Barnstormers of the Seas


A seaplane arriving unespectedly to the shore.

Barnstorming, the term from American English of the 20's, with regards to aviation is used to describe a unique activity carried out in remote country towns. What could pilots do when returning from the war in Europe, with little money, but lots of flying experience? How could they make a living?  Many people who were missing flying, got their hands on cheap Jenny aircraft made by the Curtiss company, that were either disused or neglected, from 5000 to 200 dollars. Circles of wealthy aviation enthusiasts were in possession of large aircraft and were attempting Atlantic crossings as a transport business, while other airmen were left with small aircraft and didn't do much other than acrobatics. One of those pilots was Charles Lindbergh. Who describes in his book, his activities of barnstorming, flying over the great plains of the USA, he would perform an acrobatic display over small towns in the country, and land in a whirl of dust in a nearby field, people would then come flocking to see the aircraft... Not knowing that flying was possible... they would be allowed a ride for one dollar, and that is how he made his living. The same barnstorming was done my many pilots at the time.

A seaplane of Como at Forte dei Marmi.

In the world of today, highly urbanised and where aviation is strictly regulated, barnstorming is no longer possible. With one exception, flying seaplanes on the water. The seaplane has the incredible feature of being able to be operated anywhere that there is water, meaning that seaplanes can lead aviation anywhere and bring the pleasure of flying to the masses. Only helicopters and hot air balloons can compete with seaplanes for this activity, however they cannot operate on water.
The seaplane is therefore the method most suitable for advertising flight, one of the most important activities of the Aero club Como. In memory and honour of the many barnstorming pilots, the club has created a badge that member pilots wear when taking on the barnstormers role on the lake, it bears the inscription 'Barnstormers of the seas' to promote the idea of the traditional activity being continued on the water. 

The logo of the “Barnstormers of the Seas”.

The essential requirement to make barnstorming flights is to have considerable experience of water flying and to offer the flights voluntarily and not expect any compensation. The flights are purely to spread the pleasure of flying and the love of aviation to as many people as possible. The arrival of a seaplane at the shore is a cause for excitement for all ages, many children have been photographed in the aircraft and taken on small tours to search for their residence from above, and it is a highly education and cultural activity.



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