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The maintenance facility


The workshop of the aero club has lots of experience in working on seaplanes, choosing them and evaluating them. Such competence is made available to those who are interested in purchasing a seaplane or maintaining one.



For information, contact the secretary, specifying your interest.

+39 031 574495




The Mechanic Adriano Giorgi at work.

An airplane is a very complex machine, consisting of the body (fuselage, wings, and aerodynamic plane, both fixed and manoeuvrable) The engine with all its parts, systems and facilities (electronic, hydraulic, supply, heating and others) as well as the instruments of flight and of the engine, radio apparatus for communication and navigation.

Every single part requires continuous controls, checks and maintenance.
Some of the maintenance is specialist's work and is carried out in qualified external laboratories, whereas the main part of the maintenance is performed by the workshop of the Aero Club Como that adheres to European regulations.
The maintenance of an aircraft requires continuous checks and often some small repairs. Each mechanic can complete the planned operations up to his level of qualification; nobody who is under qualified has the right to lay a finger on the aircraft, floats or any accessories.
    The management of the workshop includes also a large amount of cataloguing and documentation. A manual or instructions for maintenance accompany each aircraft part, system or installation. As well as each piece, the certificates must also be preserved, during the construction of aircraft, engines, instruments, radio and systems information bulletins must be preserved.




On the left, the chief mechanic Danilo Pecora (closest) with Adriano Giorgi. On the right, Maurizio Porro.

All the activity happens under the surveillance of a control entity the ENAC-RAI that renews qualifications either of the workshop or the maintenance of individual aircraft.


Final adjustments of the seaplane painted red used for the advert
of Amaro Montengro.

Some times technical assistance must take place far from the base, for example in the rare cases of failures during flight, or for small operations which occur in remote areas.

To give an example, when a seaplane was being used for an advert of Amaro Montenegro in Sardinia, the technical team of the club was present in order to resolve any problems if they arose, or to make adjustments to the aircraft in use.

Sometimes operations in remote areas require complex operations, disassembling parts of the aircraft or the whole aircraft, which was once the case for transporting an airplane by helicopter.


Inspection of the Cessna Hawk XP N736UZ, in Idaho. On the right shows the arrival of the aircraft
in Como as it was being assembled.



The technical team is also called out after the purchase of a new aircraft is made, as a thorough check of the aircraft is required, as well as of the accompanying documents. This service can also be provide on behalf of individuals intending to purchase an aircraft but want to rely on the combined 80 years of experience of the Aero Clubs technical team.


The mechanic Filippo Faglioni, photographed while operating the tractor.

All the team is trained and qualified to act in case of emergency, for example in the assistance for damaged or stranded aircraft as well as fire fighting. During 80 years we have never had to deal with a fire, however it doesn't eliminate the necessity of knowing what to do in case of emergency. 


OSpecial operations. On the left, transport of a seaplane
by helicopter. Top right, emergency situational management
At the bottom, assistance to passing seaplanes.

Other functions of the technical team include maintenance of the infrastructure of the seaplane base, the workshop and storeroom, external structures such as the slipway, platforms, the buoys and windsock as well as the hangar itself. Additionally they take care of the different vehicles in use.



In conclusion you can say that the technical staff manage the fleet of seaplanes and the seaplane base using various skills that in many cases require many years of training, its all about know how and being highly qualified.






Lo staff tecnico dell'Aero Club Como. Da sinistra, Herath Maurizio Porro, Giorgio Porta, Filippo Faglioni, Danilo Pecora, Mudiyangselage Gunashia Ajit Janak, detto Viki, Adriano Giorgi.


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