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Aero Club Como for the community


The Aero Club Como, beyond its roll of training pilots and being a scientific technical centre of culture and history, performs a number of operations and services for the benefit of the community, services that are particularly useful in case of extreme disasters or events.


Monitoring the land

One service is the observation and monitoring of the land and this is carried out almost all year round, at all times of day. Any planes in flight can report abnormal events, such as fires, pollution, landslides or the presence of dangerous objects in the water. The aero club has signed agreements with various public bodies for this purpose. In addition the Aero Club Como is part of the regional civil protection, making its fleet available for routine activities as well as in case of emergency. During the flood of 1987 many photographic surveys of the affected areas were produced by the club, as well as flying various experts to undertake surveys of the area.

Thanks to some photos taken by the Aero Club Como, the museum of Como found some previously undiscovered prehistoric sites in Val Cavargna.


Search and rescue

Many people, who are victims of accidents of various types on the lake, were found and saved by the club's seaplanes, sometimes in full winter. One driver of  a speedboat, was trying it out on January 7th on a remote lake when the boat capsized and immediately sank. If the seaplane pilot wasn't aware of the incident and didn't immediately splash down onto the lake to rescue the man, there would certainly have been a tragic outcome. The chances of survival in the conditions would have been next to impossible for more than a few minutes.
With regards to research the club will sometimes be asked to participate in the search for missing people or vessels on the lake and in the surrounding mountains. Also searches for boats that have become free from their moorings; as a result of storms is carried out by the club.


Transporting Fish fry

Another activity performed by the club is, on various occasions, the transporting of fish fry from their incubation site, to another shore on the lake. The operation requires special equipment to ensure that the young fish have enough oxygen.
The success of such initiatives of this type is about speed, to complete the journey from one shore to the other, the seaplane is subsequently better than any other form of transport.

Click here to read an article on the subject (in Italian).


The pick-up.

Mezzi nautici e terrestri

The Aero Club Como is available for assistance and recovery by various water and land based means.

For fire fighting we have a special boat with a mixer nozzle for fire extinction, drawing water from the lake and using a fire retardant liquid. The boat has a flat bottom and high sides, making it adhere to the necessary regulations, it is also very useful in rescues on the lake.
    Another water-based recovery means of transport is the inflatable boat equipped with an operable front plane and motor providing high speed. When action is required away from the lake we have a pickup.


The special firefighting boat and the dinghy for search and recovery.



Giorgio Porta.


Aero Club Como and civil protection

Presenta il tema il responsabile Giorgio Porta.

The international seaplane school of Como is of increasing interest on the European scene that creates added pressures to live up to the standards required by European regulations.
The club has, in being a permanent service of prevention and protection, the necessary personnel and equipment to perform the following tasks.
. Reporting and monitoring of forest fires
. Reporting and monitoring of landslides
. Search and recovery of missing people
. Report and measuring water pollution
. Transport of people and equipment
. Water rescues
. The use of human and material resources for floods, fires and earthquakes

It is a commitment that has been consolidated due to the inclusion of the Aero Club Como into the civil protection services of the Lombardy region. The club also has agreements with many government and local organisations.




Rilevamento da parte di piloti di idrovolanti di fenomeni di inquinamento delle acque, prontamente
segnalati alle autorità competenti.





On the left, test of an anti-flood barrier.
In the centre, Canadair during an exercise at the seaplane school of Como.
On the right, the seaplane, near to the hatchery of Lake Annone, is waiting to carry the fish fry to transfer them to Como. Aircraft transport, very quick, avoiding normal traffic, as is the case when transporting by land.



A sinistra, il personale del Nucleo di Protezione Civile dell'Aero Club Como raccoglie un pallone sonda,
per riconsegnarlo all'ente meteorologico che lo aveva lanciato.
Al centro, esercitazioni con cani da salvamento.
A destra, l'idrovolante usato per ricerche sottomarine.



An article announcing the agreement between Aero Club and ACSM for the monitoring of floating debris on the lake. ACSM managed waste collection boats for the recovery of such debris.


An article announcing of the agreement  between the Aero Club Como and council of Como for services of civil protection.







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