Aero Club Como
Associazione sportiva dilettantistica
federata all'Aero Club d'Italia e al CONI
Via Masia 44
20100 Como ITALY
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 Aero Club Como flight school

The Aero Club Como and its flying school is the largest in Europe and the oldest in the world with the first flying training commencing in 1930.

The flying school of Aero Club Como is fully approved by the European JAA to carry out complete training for the Private Pilots License (PPL) and conversion to water for land pilots (SEP SEA rating), both on straight floats and amphibian.

Other activities include revalidation and renewal of SEP and SEP SEA ratings, pilots companion courses, trial lessons.

Instructor and student over Como.

A PPL course could be completed in 8-9 months, but in practice you should plan on at least a year. The time taken will depend largely on your availability.
If you are interested in starting a PPL course make a trial lesson where you will fly with an instructor who will allow you to take control of the aircraft and make some basic manoeuvres from the pilot's seat.  
The clubs unique position in being able to offer a complete JAR PPL course on seaplanes is not limited to the internationally recognized qualification of the JAR Single Engine Piston SEA (SEP-SEA) rating as, with a few extra hours training, pilots can easily obtain the SEP (land) rating using one of the club amphibian aircraft.

Qualified pilots yet to experience the fun of flying seaplanes can usually obtain their SEP SEA rating after 7 hours of training and a check ride with a club examiner.

Advanced operations: approach to a
woody shore and landing in a river.

Pilots with less experience will need a few more hours training before being cleared to fly solo. During the advanced course pilots will learn to beach, attach to a buoy, river land, and sail yes sail the aircraft.

Please see the frequently asked questions about license requirements.
Experienced pilots already SEP SEA rated, and in current flying practice, can fly club aircraft solo after completing 2 independent  check rides.

If you do not have a JAR license you will need to obtain an Italian endorsement to fly solo. This is a simple procedure, but must be applied for a few weeks before your planned visit. Please contact Aero Club Como for advice on how to obtain this endorsement.
Aero Club Como has a mixed fleet of aircraft which include both straight and amphibian floats. We can revalidate or renew your SEP SEA, and SEP ratings. Fly to one of our nearby airfields to cover the requirements of your SEP, but start and finish the flight on the water.


The instructors
The structure consists of the Head of Training, the Chief Instructor and various other instructors. All have over 20 years experience in the field of aviation, be it as airline pilots or fire-fighting pilots, and all have lots of knowledge and experience in the world of seaplanes and amphibious aircrafts.

The instructors, according to the activities performed have the following titles... 
- FI (Flight instructor) performs the training aimed at obtaining the PPL
- CRI (Class rating instructor) performs the training for specific qualifications
- GI (Ground instructor) performs theoretical-based training
- CRE (Class rating examiner) performs the exams for obtaining qualifications



Renato Carnabuci (Head of Training)

Franco Cereda (Chief Flight Instructor)



Carlo Novati



Paolo Cavenago

Marco De Vitis

Matteo Francone

Piermario Lovisolo



Cesare Baj

Edoardo Passani

Giorgio Porta


Course for pilot companion
In response to several requests the Aero Club Como has created a course for a pilots companion for anyone who regularly flies with a pilot (husband, wife, parent, children, friend), but for whatever reason does not want to spend the time to become a pilot themselves.  The course includes a minimum of 5-8 hours flying ( actual content and hours are arranged to meet each companions requirements), and will teach you to handle the aircraft and communicate on the radio in the event the pilot is no longer able to do so.

If you need accommodation during your visit please consider our simple, but comfortable apartment complex attached to the back of the hanger "La Foresteria".


Although Italian and English are the most common languages used here at least one of the instructors can speak French, Spanish, and German.
Whatever your interest, and experience you can be assured of a warm welcome to the Aero Club Como. If you need any further information please click on the link below  or contact us:


Aero Club Como
Via Masia 44
20100 Como


Tel. +39 031 574495


A lesson during the course to get the PPL.



Check lists


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