Aero Club Como
Associazione sportiva dilettantistica
federata all'Aero Club d'Italia e al CONI
Via Masia 44
20100 Como ITALY
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General Information


Please contact the Examiner, through the Aero Club office, to arrange a convenient date. No preplanned dates are given. Urgent cases can normally have an exam date arranged at short notice.


Below you will find a copy of the application form. Please print the form, complete it, attach a photo (head and shoulders, no sun glasses, no head covering, plain background), and hand it in to the secretary at the Aero Club. Paper copies of the application are also available from the secretary. You should pay the  €145 fee with your application. A confirmation will be sent by email confirming your test date.
The application requires you to give details of an identity card or passport. Whichever document you choose this document must be with you when you arrive for the exam.
Before the exam your application and document will be checked and a digital photo taken. These will be sent to TEA Ltd UK and used to create your certificate. The exam is audio recorded and this is also sent to TEA Ltd UK primarily for auditing and monitoring purposes, but also in case of an appeal (see later).

The exam will normally be carried out in the Aero Club Como (Via Masia 44, 20100 Como Italy Tel: +39031574495). For a group of pilots it may be possible to organize another location.

If there are extenuating circumstances (illness- doctors certificate required) it will usually be possible to make a refund. If the candidate requests a new date for the exam there will be no administrative charge, but the fee will be held over for the next booking. However, if the candidate with good reason wishes to cancel and asks for a refund then there will be a €20 administrative deduction. A no show on test day will forfeit the test fee.

Certificates are produced by the TEA Ltd UK, and dispatched within 10 working days to the Como Test Centre (The time post takes to arrive in Como must be taken into account if the test is urgent). Normally certificates take approximately 3 weeks to arrive in Como. Urgent cases can request a courrier service (charge applies) which will speed the process up (approximately 1 week).
There is no minimum period which a candidate is required to wait before s/he can take the
TEA test again. This will depend on exam availability.

Candidates who are not satisfied with their results may request that it is remarked by a TEA LTD UK senior examiner.
Appeals must be made to the test centre no later than one month after the certificate has been dispatched.
To make an appeal candidates must put the request in writing, return their certificate, and pay another full test fee. Your appeal will be sent to the TEA Ltd UK. Their senior examiner will remark your test. If the senior examiner awards a higher mark a new certificate will be issued and the appeal fee refunded. If the senior examiner awards the same mark or lower the original certificate will be reissued, and no refund given.

You will be sent an email a few days before the day of the test. Your nominated means of identity will be cross checked with your application. ALL bags and MOBILE PHONE must left in your car or deposited in the Aero Club office. No documents, books are required for the exam, these and any bags are not allowed in the waiting room or exam room.
A digital photograph will be taken (used for the certificate). During the exam an audio recorder will be used. This is in case of appeal, and to allow the TEA Ltd UK administrators to audit a percentage of the tests for examiner standardization.
At the end of the test the examiner is not allowed to give any indication of the grade awarded. When you leave the exam room  you are not allowed to return to the waiting room. Nor should you try to communicate with anyone waiting to take the test.

Whilst waiting to take the test contact anyone, you know, who has already taken the test, and visit:
The ENAC web site:



The Mayflower College web site:
This gives information about the structure of the test, and importantly,  examples of each phase of the test.

Contact info


031 574495



The Administrator/Examiner for Aero Club Como is

Andy Balfre

mobile: 335 1213909





Application form

Open the application form in


Microsoft PDF format (.pdf)


Adobe Word format (.doc)


Open the form in either format, print it, fill it in block letters and give it to the Secretary of the Club.

Don't forget the photo.

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