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federata all'Aero Club d'Italia e al CONI
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20100 Como ITALY
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SEP SEA Training Programme (Basic)

Minimum 9 hours including SEP SEA Skill test

Theory Training, and differences between landplanes and seaplanes
1.    Seaplane: components, design, floats (straight, amphibian)
2.    Stability in flight
3.    Manoeuvrability
4.    Water surface (normal light wind/waves, glassy [flat calm], waves created by wind and boats
5.    Departure and arrival at the pontoon (with assistance)

Practical Training
1.    Aircraft systems and instruments
2.    Check list
3.    Pre-flight inspection
4.    Initial departure from the pontoon and turns in light winds, strong winds, and abeam winds
5.    Take off normal, glassy, and strong winds, and one float
6.    30° and 45° turns
7.    Secondary effects with and without flaps
8.    Stalling clean, landing configuration, and in turns
9.    Approaches with and without flaps
10.    Approaches with light crosswind
11.    Go-around normal, low close to water touch
12.    Landing in normal, glassy, and crosswinds
13.    Emergencies in particular engine failure during the take-off role, immediately after t-off(up to 15'), above 15' and in the circuit
14.    Returning to the pontoon in normal, strong , and traverse wind conditions

Advanced Training
(required before pilots, new to seaplanes, will be allowed to fly solo)
Approximately 5-8 hours flying, there is no formal exam and theory will be covered in the pre-flight brief
1.    Departure and arrival from the pontoon without assistance
2.    High speed "step" taxi
3.    Take off on one float with crosswind
4.    Take off and landing with minimum distance or obstacles
5.    Operating from unknown water
6.    Effects of wind and current
7.    Departure and arrival at ramp for amphibian aircraft
8.    Attaching to a buoy or boat
9.    Beaching
10.    "Sailing" with/without engine



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